Case Studies


Luxembourg Institut of Socio-Economics Research

The statement of a vision

LISER's research focuses mainly on the field of social and economic policy, including the spatial dimension, and addresses issues such as poverty, inequality, education, social integration, employment, unemployment, health, housing, mobility and regional convergence.




What we did


Visual identity


CEPS/INSTEAD changed its name to LISER and we were responsible for developing the new visual identity.


Through a new name and a new visual identity, the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research affirms the specificities of its activities. This approach is accompanied by a move to the heart of a region undergoing economic change, which is expressed in an urban transformation. This vision proposes an affirmation of the acronym with a dynamic typography. The graphic element in a gradient of red incorporates a horizontal dynamic that not only recalls evolution curves but also the presence of the two blast furnaces. This colour is a clear reference to the "Terres Rouges". The name is treated in the same gradient as the graphic element accompanying the acronym.