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Initiativ Stroum Beweegt

Elektresch an d’Zukunft

Initiativ Stroum Beweegt

Elektresch an d’Zukunft


myenergy Luxembourg



What we did

web design

web development


The objective of the initiative is to accelerate the decarbonisation of the transport sector in Luxembourg and the transition to electric mobility through a mobilisation and a collective approach bringing together the private and public actors. We had to create a public website, which promotes the initiative, explains its objectives & missions, and contains useful information about electro-mobility in Luxembourg.


We wanted to give the website a structure and navigation as fluid as the electric mobility experience. Creating transparency about the working process and the initiative was our core mission. We wanted to enhance the companies and public administrations' efforts by making accessible a maximum of informations (news, published studies, ...) to the public. The ultimate aim being to motivate other companies to become active and members of the initiative by signing the charter and obtaining the label. It is about creating positive emotions through modern design, easy and friendly navigation with a flexible structure.

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